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Vibrating Equipment


VIBEMEK vibrating equipment is designed to suit all process requirements. The VIBEMEK range set the standard on screening applications with quality, reliability, and productivity in the toughest industrial environments.

The vibrating equipment is designed as a modular concept, so parts can be replaced to ensure a long service life. This includes adjustable suspension angles and protection of exposed parts with replaceable wear-resistant components.

The equipment can withstand high acceleration forces associated with vibration and the harsh operational environment of the mining industry. Depending on the application and design the equipment will operate in circular or linear motion.


What we do

Vibrating Screens


Our vibrating screens are designed for various applications. It can be manufactured in mild steel, stainless steel for food and pharmaceutical applications. It is available in enclosed, open or hopper type construction. They can be manufactured in horizontal, decline, incline with one, two or three decks depending on the application. Additionally, the screens can be base-mounted or suspended with coil springs, rubber buffers or ROSTA® type suspensions for easy assembly and installation.

  • Scalping screens,
  • De-watering screens,
  • Sizing vibrating screens,
  • De-sliming vibrating screens
  • High frequency screens pone

What we do

Vibrating Pan Feeders


  • Electro Mechanical feeders.
  • Electro Magnetic feeders.
  • Tube Feeders
  • Concrete consolidation tables.

What we do

Vibrating Grizzly Feeders


  • Adjustable bar spacing to suit crusher settings
  • Tapered bar spacing avoid blinding and pegging
  • Heavy duty design provide an aggressive 45-50° linear stroke
  • Abrasion-resistant liners with countersunk bolts minimize feeder pan material buildup
  • Variety of liner materials available including VRN 200/400, Poly Urethane and steel back lined rubber.
  • Customized grizzly sections, including rubber media, punch plate fabricated bars.

What we do

Sievetech Round Screens


SIEVTECH Separator is a high energy and high-efficiency round screen for fine product separation. Designed to screen at much faster rates with fine mesh as compared to standard vibrating screens.

It can provide up to 3 times higher throughput compared to standard vibrating equipment. This is made possible by a unique design that generates higher g-forces at a higher frequency and lower amplitude.

It uses a high force adjustable vibrator for full control of the material on the screen deck. It is suitable for dry or wet Applications.

This range of screens is available from the single deck up to five deck configuration.


Replacement Parts


Vibrator Motors


Vibemek is an approved distributor of
OLI Vibrator motors. it is available form as little as
4 kg/F up to 30 000 kg/F in 12 – 24 – 48 Volt DC,
230 V single phase, 230 – 380 – 525 Volt three phase.
It is available in 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 pole speeds. SEE THE FULL RANGE OF MOTORS IN THE BROCHURES.


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Screen Media


POLYURETHANE AND RUBBER A wide range of injection molded polyurethane and rubber screen panels are available. High quality and cost-effective. Injection molded rubber screen panels with benefits that include superior impact and wear resistance and improved non-blinding properties. Panels are available with the trusted pin & sleeve fastening method. Apertures from 0.1x11 slot up to 150mm are available in different thicknesses with various surface features such are weir bars, L-shape flow restrictors, rider bars etc


Woven Wire


Woven wire (square & slotted), Harp screens, Screen cloth (layered disks, filtration baskets), Non-blinding screens, Trommel screens, are available in various weave patterns, from 0.05mm up to 200mm aperture made to your requirements. Woven screens are available in HIGH CARBON or STAINLESS STEEL.  




Coil springs
Rubber buffers
ESTA® type


Wear Liners


Our wear liners are designed for use in the plant processes and material handling industries where additional protection is necessary to protect components. Wear lining materials used include ceramic linings, rubber wear plates that include ball mill liners, profiled liners and Vibslip low friction wear liners. The rubber lined products are available with or without steel backing in various thicknesses.